Week of October 07, 2019

Monday- Wear jeans + Pink shirt for $1

Tuesday- P.E. clothes

Wednesday- Wear jeans + Pink shirt for $1

Thursday- P.E. clothes

Friday- Dress Up Day + 11am mass + Grandparents or Special Friend Day


Math- Study for Quiz tomorrow (Lesson 7-8)

Language Arts- Study for Bridge to Terabithia Test 10/9 + Reading Log due Friday

Social Studies- Weeks 1-5 Test on 10/10 + Finish notes on week 5

Religion- Mass on 10/11 + Dress up on Friday

Science-  values.com report on one person on notebook paper

Reminders- jeans and pinks shirt on 10/7 + 10/9 + Dress up Friday + Grandparents day


Math: C.7

Language Arts: Study for the Bridge to Terabitha Test on 9/10 + Reading Log Due 10/11

Social Studies: Test on weeks 1-5 + Make sure all vocab + notes are done

Religion: Mass on 10/11 + Dress Up

Science: None

REMINDERS-  Wear pink shirt tomorrow with jeans + Grandparents Day on 10/11 + Noon Dismissal


Math- Lesson 9 homework sheet

Language Arts- Reading Log 10/11

Social Studies- Study for weeks 1-5 Test Tomorrow

Religion- Mass on 10/11 + Dress Up day on 10/11

Science- None

Reminders= Grandparents day on 10/11


Math: IXL H.1 (adding decimals)

Language Arts: Reading Log due

Social Studies: None

Science: None

Religion: Mass at 11am + Grandparents day tomorrow



Have a Blessed and Relaxing Weekend!!!!